Designing a balanced scorecard as support to educational management in higher education institutions

2021 — 2021 Mexican International Conference on Computer Science (ENC)

i-Care: an IoMT Remote Monitoring System Of Physiological Pain in Pediatric Patients

2021 — 2021 Mexican International Conference on Computer Science (ENC)

Desarrollo de un juego serio para adquirir competencias en intervención comunitaria para trabajo social

2021 — En Santana-Mancilla P. C., Guerrero-Ibañez J. A., Ramírez J. M. y Fajardo-Flores S. B. (Eds) Tecnologías de información: sus aplicaciones y contribuciones. Universidad de Colima

This chapter presents the design and user experience evaluation of a serious game intended to support undergraduate students in learning community interventions derived from their curriculum in the area of social work.

Tecnologías para la inclusión de estudiantes con discapacidad

2021 — Universidad de Colima

This book addresses experiences, from various disciplines, that seek to transform technologies into tools that reduce the scenarios of dependency or inequality in education. The content is expected to be a theoretical and empirical contribution for those who design and execute social inclusion projects through technology, as well as for those who make decisions and generate public policy, since the use of technological resources in favor of social development, it is an opportunity and an obligation that must be capitalized in a comprehensive and collegial manner.

Tecnologías de información: sus aplicaciones y contribuciones

2021 — Universidad de Colima

DIY Microcontroller Projects for Hobbyists

2021 — Packt Publishing

Accessibility Assessment for Online Education Tools: Towards Accessible Principles for a Mexican University

2021 — EAI Endorsed Transactions on e-Learning

A review of deep learning applications for genomic selection

2021 — BMC Genomics

We review the applications of deep learning (DL) methods in genomic selection (GS) to obtain a meta-picture of GS performance and highlight how these tools can help solve challenging plant breeding problems. We also provide general guidance for the effective use of DL methods including the fundamentals of DL and the requirements for its appropriate use. We discuss the pros and cons of this technique compared to traditional genomic prediction approaches as well as the current trends in DL applications.

Human computer-interaction in Latin America

2021 — Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research has been traditionally carried out with users in upper income countries in industrialized nations. However, there is a growing need to deepen the understanding of relatively underserved communities and their interaction with computing technologies. This is the case of Latin America (LATAM), a region that has a unique set of sociotechnical characteristics and a unique set of challenges and problems.

Heuristic Evaluation of an IoMT System for Remote Health Monitoring in Senior Care

2020 — Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health

This paper presents the usability assessment of the design of an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) system for older adults; the evaluation, using heuristics, was held early on the design process to assess potential problems with the system and was found to be an efficient method to find issues with the application design and led to significant usability improvements on the IoMT platform.