Analysis of respiratory patterns for health monitoring in older adults

Status: Active

Develop an IoMT system for remote monitoring of respiration in older adults to make predictions of possible health risk situations through machine learning techniques.

Smart Balanced Scorecard

Keywords: Maestría Tesis
Status: Active

Design and development of an intelligent balanced scorecard to support educational management for higher education institutions.

Project development Software application for natural language processing of primary education texts to support reading comprehension in deaf students

Keywords: FORDECyT
Status: Finished

Reading and writing skills are essential for school life and inclusion in society in general. At the national level, people with disabilities face problems integrating into society in all aspects, and the school environment is no exception. In this project we focus on people who are deaf or have profound hearing loss. It is very common to assume that people with severe hearing impairment, particularly deaf people, do not have reading-writing problems since they can perceive written content, however, it is not known to all that for this group, written Spanish it is actually a second language, which differs structurally from your first language, sign language.