Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of the School of Telematics

The Human-Computer Interaction Lab (IHCLab) is an international research laboratory hosted by the School of Telematics at the University of Colima in Mexico. It is the home of the research group UCOL-CA-118: Interactive and accessible smart environments.

Latest publications

Designing a balanced scorecard as support to educational management in higher education institutions

i-Care: an IoMT Remote Monitoring System Of Physiological Pain in Pediatric Patients

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Latest projects

Analysis of respiratory patterns for health monitoring in older adults

Develop an IoMT system for remote monitoring of respiration in older adults to make predictions of possible health risk situations through machine learning techniques.

Smart Balanced Scorecard

Design and development of an intelligent balanced scorecard to support educational management for higher education institutions.

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Av. Universidad No. 333,
Col. Las Víboras,
C.P. 28040, Colima, Mex.